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Express Funded Overview:

In our Express Funded Review, we dive into this new player in the prop trading scene. Express Funded stands out by offering traders of all levels a chance to get funded and grow in the financial markets. They partner with reputable education platforms to ensure traders have the skills they need. With an emphasis on Forex, commodities, and more, Express Funded is on a mission to make trading accessible to everyone, regardless of where they are in their trading journey.

The co-founders of Express Funded are McGlory Thapelo Mabitsela and KOJO FOREX, showcasing a partnership that combines diverse expertise and a shared vision for the trading community.

express funded review


Express Funded is rooted in Ghana and South Africa, establishing a strong foundation in the prop trading industry. They welcome traders globally, except in Asia due to restrictions. This online presence means you can join their trading community from almost anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. This approach allows Express Funded to offer its services widely, breaking down geographical barriers and making trading opportunities more accessible to a broader audience.

What Can You Trade at Express Funded :

At Express Funded, traders have access to a diverse range of markets, including Forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and indices. This variety caters to different trading styles and strategies, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios and explore various asset classes.

Profit Share:

The profit share at Express Funded starts at 70%. After making three withdrawals, it increases to 80%, and after four withdrawals, traders can enjoy a profit split of up to 90%. This tiered approach rewards consistent performance and long-term engagement with the platform.

Payout Frequency:

Express Funded now offers bi-weekly payouts, allowing traders to request withdrawals every 14 days. This update, designed in response to trader feedback, aims to enhance the trading experience by offering more frequent withdrawal opportunities and the flexibility to withdraw funds on demand after a 14-day waiting period.

express funded review

Express Funded Features:

  • Express Phases: Options for 1 & 2 phase challenges.
  • Scaling to $5M: Potential for account growth.
  • Up to 90% Profit Share: Higher earnings potential.
  • Fee-Back Guarantee: Refundable fees.
  • No Time Limit: Flexible trading timeframe.
  • High Leverage: Leverage of 1:100, providing traders with more flexibility.
  • Weekend Holding: Allows positions to be held over the weekend.
  • News Trading Allowed: Traders can trade during market-moving news events without restrictions.
  • No Stop Loss Requirement: Offers traders greater control by not mandating the use of stop loss.
  • Bi-Weekly Payouts: Enables traders to request payouts every 14 days, offering more frequent access to earnings.

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express funded review


Express Funded is a professional prop trading firm located in Ghana and South Africa. They offer traders an opportunity to manage up to $5 million in funds. Partnering with Purple Trading, a secure and regulated broker, Express Funded prioritizes safety and education for its traders. Participants can trade a wide array of assets including Forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, with the potential to retain up to 90% of the profits. The firm introduces traders to challenges designed to test their skills, while providing a safety net by covering losses. Express Funded’s mission is to facilitate traders’ financial growth efficiently and effectively​

express funded review

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Pros of Express Funded:

  • Up to 90% Profit Share: Traders can earn a significant portion of the profits, making it financially rewarding​​.
  • Scaling to $5M: Offers the opportunity for account growth, allowing traders to manage more substantial funds​​.
  • No Time Limit on Challenges: Traders can operate at their own pace, reducing pressure and allowing for strategic planning​​.
  • Weekend Holding and News Trading Allowed: Provides flexibility in trading strategies, enabling traders to hold positions over weekends and trade during news events​​.
  • Education and Support: Partnerships with educational institutions like FX GOAT FOREX TRADING ACADEMY and KOJO FOREX ACADEMY enhance trader skills and knowledge​​.
  • Regulated Broker Partnership: Collaboration with Purple Trading ensures a secure and reliable trading environment​​.
express funded review

Cons of Express Funded:

  • New Prop Firm: Being relatively new, there might be limited reviews and long-term performance data available​​.
  • Limited Reviews: The scarcity of extensive user reviews may make it challenging for potential traders to gauge the firm’s reputation and trader satisfaction​​.
  • Not Available in Asia: Traders from Asian countries cannot participate, limiting accessibility for a significant portion of the global trading community​​.
  • No Expert Advisor (EA) Allowed: Restricts those who prefer using EAs in their trading strategy

FAQ on Express Funded:

What are the drawdown limits for the 2 Phase Challenge at Express Funded?

In both phases, the daily drawdown limit is 4%, and the overall drawdown limit is 12%.

What are the loss limits for the 1 Phase Challenge?

For this challenge, the maximum daily loss limit is 3%, and the maximum overall loss limit is 10%.

How often can I withdraw my funds from Express Funded?

Withdrawals can be requested every 14 days, making it bi-weekly.

Are there any restrictions on the number of withdrawals I can make?

No restrictions on the number of withdrawals. Requests can be made bi-weekly, every 14 days after each request, with a minimum withdrawal amount of $100.

Is there a limit on the trading volume for Express Funded accounts?

Yes, limits vary based on whether you have a Challenge Account or a Funded Account. For Funded Accounts, the limits range based on account size and asset type, with specific guidelines for maximum lots.

Does Express Funded offer swap-free accounts?

Yes, swap-free accounts are available for traders looking to avoid overnight interest rates.

Can I use an Expert Advisor (EA) with my Express Funded account?

No, the use of Expert Advisors (EAs) is not permitted as the focus is on individual trading skills.

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