Limitless Funding Review (15% Discount Code)

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Limitless Funding Review

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Limitless Funding stands is a prop firm that offers a chance for traders to show what they’re made of. It’s not just about having the skills to trade but also about proving you can handle real money in the market. They’ve set up different trading challenges, where traders can pick from one, two, or three step challenge, depending on what suits them best. Pass these tests, and you get to manage a funded account with actual cash to trade.

What is Limitless Funding?

Imagine a place where traders, whether they’re just starting out or have been in the game for a while, can get their hands on some serious trading cash. That’s what Limitless Prop Firm is all about. They’re like a launchpad for traders who are ready to take on the market but need the funds to make big moves. They offer three types of evaluations, each with its own set of rules and rewards, to fit all kinds of traders.

Key Features of Limitless Funding Prop Firm

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Limitless Funding is all about giving traders the tools and freedom they need to succeed. They’ve built their firm on a foundation of features that stand out in the world of proprietary trading. Here’s the lowdown on what makes them tick:

Withdrawals from Day 1

From the very first day you start trading with Limitless Funding, you’re eligible to withdraw your earnings, with the option to do so once every 30 days. Traders can get up to 90% of what they earn. When it comes to getting your money, you’ve got choices: traditional bank transfer, cryptocurrency, and keep an eye out for the upcoming Limitless Funding card—a convenient stored-value card that’s set to make accessing your funds even easier.

Up to 90% Payout Split

At Limitless Funding, the profit split begins generously and only gets better. For those starting with the 1-Phase and 3-Phase evaluations, you’re looking at a solid 75% share of the profits. Opt for the 2-Phase evaluation, and that figure climbs to 80%. If you’re looking to maximize your earnings, you can opt for an add-on that boosts your profit split up to 90%.

No Time Limits on Trading

Forget about racing against the clock. With Limitless Funding, there’s no rush. You can take your time to hit your targets. If you’re quick and nail the goals early in a 2-phase evaluation, you move on up without any waiting around. And if you’re the type who likes to get things done fast, the 1-phase evaluation could see you managing a funded account in no time.

Non-Trailing Maximum Drawdown

Limitless Funding sets a maximum amount you can lose from the get-go, and it doesn’t change, even if you’re winning. This means you’ve got more room to breathe and make moves that could pay off big, without the fear of a tightening leash.

Types of Evaluation Programs

Limitless Funding offers a tiered approach to its evaluation programs, designed to cater to traders with varying levels of experience and trading styles. These programs are the gateways to accessing the firm’s capital, and each comes with its own set of rules and objectives. Let’s delve into the specifics of each program.

1-Phase Evaluation

limitless funding 1 phase evaluation

The 1-Phase Evaluation at Limitless Funding prop firm is a straightforward challenge. It’s a single-step process where traders are tested against predefined criteria to gauge their market acumen. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Capital Access: Pass this test, and you’re in control of a live trading account flush with real capital.
  • Flexible Funding: Choose how much firepower you want, with options ranging from $5,000 to a hefty $500,000.
  • No Rush: Take your time to hit your targets. There’s no clock ticking down, so trade on your terms.
  • Clear Boundaries: Know your limits with set profit targets and maximum loss restrictions.
  • Rules of the Game: A hard breach, like crossing the Daily Loss Limit or messing with the Max Trailing Drawdown, could end your run. But there’s also a softer side, where certain breaches don’t mean game over.
  • Safety First: Every trade needs a stop loss, but if you’re confident, you can waive this at checkout.
  • Weekend Pause: Wrap up your trades by Friday afternoon, unless you’ve got the add-on that lets you hold over the weekend.
  • Stay Active: Keep trading at least once a month to keep your account from being flagged.
  • Trade Size Details: They lay out what 1 lot looks like across different trading products.
  • Tools of the Trade: Feel free to use Expert Advisors (EAs) and make moves during news events.
  • Leverage Your Trades: They start you with 10:1 leverage, but there’s room to double down with an extra purchase.

2-Phase Evaluation

limitless funding 2 phase evaluation

For those who prefer a bit more of a structured challenge, the 2-Phase Evaluation splits the journey into two distinct stages. Here’s the rundown:

  • Two-Step Process: Show you’ve got what it takes in step one, and step two could be your ticket to trading with real capital.
  • Choose Your Level: Funding amounts mirror the 1-Phase, with up to $500,000 on the table.
  • Targeted Goals: Each phase has its own profit target, giving you clear milestones to aim for.
  • Time is On Your Side: Again, no minimum days required; trade at a pace that suits you.
  • Loss Limits: Keep an eye on the 4% daily and 8% overall loss limits to stay in the game.
  • Profit Share: Up to 90% of the profits could be yours, with a discount waiting if you need a second shot.
  • Breach Protocol: Know what constitutes a hard breach, and understand the softer breaches that aren’t deal-breakers.
  • Trading Hours: Standard trading hours apply unless you’ve got the add-on for weekend trading.
  • Activity Check: A 30-day inactivity period could breach your account, so keep trading.
  • Leverage Options: Start with 10:1, with the chance to increase it if you choose.

3-Phase Evaluation

limitless funding 3 phase evaluation

The 3-Phase Evaluation is for those who thrive on progression and can adapt to changing scenarios. It’s a three-step ladder to success with each rung presenting its own challenge:

  • Three Chances: Each phase is a new opportunity to prove your trading strategy works.
  • Capital Choices: Funding starts at $5,000 and goes up to $200,000.
  • Steady Targets: Each step requires a 5% profit to move on.
  • Flexible Timing: No deadlines mean you can trade without pressure.
  • Static Loss Limit: The maximum loss won’t creep up on you; it stays static.
  • High Reward: Nail the evaluation, and up to 90% of the profits could be yours.
  • Encouragement to Retry: Failed an attempt? They offer a discount to encourage you to try again.
  • Strict Rules: A hard breach is a no-go, but a soft breach lets you keep trading.
  • Mandatory Stop Loss: It’s required on every trade, but you can opt-out.
  • Weekend Trading: Standard rules apply unless you’ve got the weekend add-on.
  • Keep Trading: More than 30 days of silence could mean a breach.
  • Diverse Trading Products: Trade a variety of instruments offered by ThinkMarkets.
  • Leverage as You Like: Start with 10:1 leverage, with an option to increase.
  • EA and News Trading: Use Expert Advisors and trade during news without restrictions.

Each evaluation program is structured to provide a clear path to success, with transparent rules and the flexibility to accommodate different trading strategies. Whether you’re a quick-hit trader or someone who prefers a measured approach, Limitless Funding has an evaluation that fits your style.

Comparison Between Different Evaluation Phases

When it comes to choosing an evaluation phase at Limitless Funding, traders are presented with options that cater to their individual trading strategies and risk tolerance. Here’s a comparative look to help you decide which might be the best fit for you:

  • 1-Phase Evaluation: This is the sprint of trading evaluations. It’s designed for the confident trader who believes they can hit their targets in one go. It’s all about that one-shot opportunity to prove your worth.
  • 2-Phase Evaluation: Consider this the middle-distance run. It offers a more measured approach, allowing traders to demonstrate consistency and skill over two distinct steps. It’s perfect for those who prefer to pace themselves and prove their strategy over a slightly longer term.
  • 3-Phase Evaluation: This is the marathon, requiring endurance and the ability to adapt over three separate stages. It’s ideal for traders who want to showcase their skills over a series of consistent performances.

Each phase has its own set of rules, profit targets, and loss limits, but the underlying principle remains the same: manage your risks, hit your targets, and you’ll earn the right to trade with the firm’s capital.

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Trading Conditions

Tradable Assets

You can trade any products offered by ThinkMarkets. This includes FX pairs and CFD Indices, Metals, Equity Shares, and Cryptocurrencies.

Leverage Options

They allow up to 30:1 leverage for 2-phase evaluation and up to 20:1 leverage for 1-phase and 3-phase accounts.

Forex, Metals, and Indices are 10:1. Equity shares are 5:1. Cryptos are 2:1. This can be doubled with the add-on.

The leverage they provide may be increased in V2.0. So stay tuned for that.

Trading Platforms and Tools

They offer the most popular trading platforms. This is MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. You can check out their available options in the dashboard. Plus, TradingView compatibility will be available at V2.0, which is awesome because you don’t see many prop firms offering this.

Pros and Cons

Every proprietary trading firm has its strengths and weaknesses, and Limitless Funding is no exception. It’s important for traders to weigh these carefully before deciding to participate in their programs.

Advantages of Limitless Funding

  • Flexible Evaluation Phases: With options for 1-Phase, 2-Phase, and 3-Phase evaluations, traders can choose a program that aligns with their trading style and comfort level.
  • Profit Withdrawal from Day 1: Traders can start withdrawing their profits right from the first day, subject to the firm’s withdrawal schedule, which can be a significant advantage for cash flow.
  • High Profit Split: The potential to earn up to 90% of the profits, especially with add-ons, is a strong incentive for traders looking to maximize their earnings.
  • No Time Limits: The absence of time constraints allows traders to operate without the pressure of deadlines, which can lead to more strategic and less impulsive trading decisions.
  • Static Drawdown: A non-trailing maximum drawdown means traders have a consistent risk threshold, allowing for better planning and risk management.
  • Trading Freedom: The allowance of Expert Advisors (EAs) and trading during news events gives traders the freedom to use their preferred strategies and tools.
  • Absence of Risk-Consistency Rules: Without the constraint of risk-consistency rules, traders have the freedom to adapt their risk management to the evolving market conditions.
  • Trading Competitions: Regular competitions offer additional opportunities for traders to earn rewards and recognition.
  • Retention of Gains from Lost Accounts: Even if an account is lost, traders can keep the profits they’ve made, which is a rare advantage in the industry.

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Disadvantages of Limitless Funding

  • Withdrawal Frequency: While withdrawals can be made from day one, being limited to once every 30 days may not suit all traders, especially those used to more frequent access to their funds.
  • Weekend Trading Restrictions: The standard requirement to close positions by Friday unless an add-on is purchased may not align with the strategies of all traders, particularly swing traders.

In summary, Limitless Funding offers a range of features that can be highly beneficial for traders, such as high profit splits and flexible evaluation options. However, potential participants must consider the limitations regarding withdrawal frequency, evaluation costs, and the complexity of the rules. As with any trading opportunity, it’s essential to assess whether the pros outweigh the cons based on individual trading needs and goals.

Pricing and Fees

1-Phase Challenge:

  • $5,000 Capital: $53
  • $10,000 Capital: $65
  • $25,000 Capital: $158
  • $50,000 Capital: $298
  • $100,000 Capital: $598
  • $200,000 Capital: $1,198

2-Phase Challenge:

  • $5,000 Capital: $58
  • $10,000 Capital: $98
  • $25,000 Capital: $209
  • $50,000 Capital: $289
  • $100,000 Capital: $439
  • $200,000 Capital: $829

3-Phase Challenge:

  • $5,000 Capital: $42
  • $10,000 Capital: $67
  • $25,000 Capital: $154
  • $50,000 Capital: $212
  • $100,000 Capital: $332
  • $200,000 Capital: $652

Limitless Funding Broker

ThinkMarkets, the global broker partnered with Limitless Funding, offers extensive trading services and platforms. Key highlights include:

  • Diverse Trading Instruments: Traders have access to forex, indices, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and futures, enabling a well-rounded trading experience.
  • Advanced Platforms: With MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and the proprietary ThinkTrader, ThinkMarkets caters to all levels of traders, providing essential tools for effective trading.
  • Educational and Analytical Resources: A wealth of educational content and market analysis, including tutorials, strategies, market news, and live webinars, supports traders’ growth and market awareness.
  • Client-Centric Support: Multilingual customer service, partnership programs, dynamic leverage, VPS hosting, and a signal centre enhance the trading experience.
  • Recognized Excellence: Multiple awards underline ThinkMarkets’ commitment to quality in trading services.

This partnership with ThinkMarkets enhances Limitless Funding’s offerings, providing traders with a reliable, diverse, and well-supported trading environment.

Upcoming Features in V2.0

Copy Trading

limitless funding copy trading

The Copy Trading feature at Limitless Funding is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, offering several key components:

  • Master Traders Data: Access comprehensive data on Master Traders, including their strategies and risk management techniques, to gain valuable insights.
  • Trade Replication: Easily replicate the trades of Master Traders, enabling you to mirror successful strategies in your own trading.
  • Filtering Options: Filter Master Traders by profitability, risk management, and consistency to align with your trading preferences.
  • Automated Growth: Benefit from automated trade execution, allowing your account to grow without manual intervention.
  • Becoming a Master Trader: Live funded account holders can become Master Traders, sharing their trades and earning a profit share.
  • Profit Split Decisions: Master Traders have the autonomy to set the profit split with their investors.
  • Scaling Profits: Increase profits by growing a follower base as a Master Trader.
  • Affiliate Opportunities: Master Traders can use affiliate links to expand their follower base and strategy reach.

This feature is designed to leverage successful trading strategies, offering a learning platform for new traders and a profit-making avenue for experienced ones.

Stored Value Card for Seamless Payouts

limitless funding stored value card

Limitless Funding is revolutionizing the payout process for proprietary traders with the introduction of their Stored Value Card, a feature designed to streamline the withdrawal and spending of trading profits. This innovative solution is tailored exclusively for Limitless Funding’s funded traders, enhancing the convenience and accessibility of their earnings.

Key Features of the Limitless Funding Stored Value Card:

  • Instant Access to Profits: The Stored Value Card allows traders to transfer their profits directly onto the card, providing immediate access to their funds. This feature eliminates the waiting period typically associated with traditional bank transfers or other withdrawal methods.
  • Global Usability: Traders can use the card for a variety of transactions, including online purchases, in-store shopping, and cash withdrawals at ATMs worldwide. This global functionality ensures that traders can access and utilize their funds no matter where they are.
  • Ease of Use: The card operates like any other prepaid card, offering a familiar and user-friendly interface. Traders can manage their card balance, track spending, and monitor transactions with ease, providing a seamless financial experience.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: The Stored Value Card offers traders the flexibility to spend their profits as they see fit, whether it’s reinvesting in trading, personal expenses, or leisure activities. This feature empowers traders with financial autonomy and the freedom to make choices that best suit their individual needs.

The introduction of this card marks a significant step forward in enhancing the convenience for traders. It eliminates the waiting period often associated with traditional bank transfers or other withdrawal methods. Funded traders with Limitless Funding can request a profit transfer to their Stored Value Card, and immediately start utilizing their earnings.

This feature not only adds a layer of practicality but also empowers traders by giving them immediate control over their hard-earned profits. The Stored Value Card by Limitless Funding is more than just a payment tool; it’s a testament to the firm’s commitment to providing innovative and trader-centric solutions.

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How to Join Limitless Funding?

how to join with limitless funding discount code

Joining Limitless Funding is a streamlined process:

  1. Select Evaluation Plan: Choose from 1-Phase, 2-Phase, or 3-Phase evaluations based on your trading style.
  2. Choose Trading Platform: Opt for either MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5.
  3. Pick Account Balance: Decide on your starting account balance, ranging from $5,000 to $500,000.
  4. Use Discount Code: Apply the coupon code PFR15 for a 15% discount on your chosen plan.
  5. Complete Registration: Fill in your details to finalize your sign-up and start trading with Limitless Funding.
  6. Start Trading: Begin trading under the evaluation phase requirements using the MetaTrader platform and monitor progress via the dashboard.
  7. Complete the Evaluation: Reach a 10% profit target with minimal losses to complete the evaluation.
  8. Withdraw Your Trading Gains: As a funded trader, receive up to 90% of the gains made on the live account, with the first withdrawal available from Day 1 and subsequent withdrawals monthly.

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In conclusion, Limitless Funding emerges as a compelling choice for traders seeking a flexible and trader-centric proprietary trading firm. With its diverse range of evaluation programs (1-Phase, 2-Phase, and 3-Phase), compatibility with both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, and a wide spectrum of account sizes from $5,000 to $500,000, it caters to a broad audience of traders, from novices to seasoned professionals.

The introduction of innovative features like the Stored Value Card for seamless payouts, along with the firm’s commitment to providing up to 90% profit splits, underscores its dedication to enhancing the trading experience. The transparent fee structure, coupled with the opportunity to trade a wide array of instruments, makes Limitless Funding a viable option for those looking to venture into the world of proprietary trading.

As a final note, for those ready to embark on their trading journey with Limitless Funding, remember to use the coupon code PFR15. This code entitles you to a 15% discount on your chosen evaluation plan, making your initial step into this trading venture even more accessible.

Overall, Limitless Funding stands out as a robust platform for traders who value flexibility, a range of trading options, and supportive features to help them succeed in the competitive world of trading.

Limitless Funding FAQ

What is Limitless Funding?

Limitless Funding is a proprietary trading firm that offers traders evaluations to access funded accounts for financial trading.

How does the profit-sharing work?

Profit-sharing at Limitless Funding starts at 75% for 1-Phase and 3-Phase, and 80% for 2-Phase evaluations, with an option to increase to 90% through an add-on.

What trading platforms are supported?

Limitless Funding supports MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms.

Is there a fee for the evaluation?

Yes, there is a fee for the evaluation at Limitless Funding, varying based on the chosen evaluation phase and account size.

How do I get started with Limitless Funding?

To start with Limitless Funding, choose an evaluation plan (1-Phase, 2-Phase, or 3-Phase), select a trading platform (MetaTrader 4 or 5), pick an account balance, and complete the registration process.

Is Limitless Funding legit or a scam?

Limitless Funding is a legitimate proprietary trading firm, offering structured evaluation programs and funded trading accounts.

What are the evaluation programs offered by Limitless Funding?

Limitless Funding offers three evaluation programs: 1-Phase, 2-Phase, and 3-Phase, each with different challenges and funding options.

What assets can I trade with Limitless Funding?

Traders at Limitless Funding can trade various assets, including Forex, Indices, Metals, Equity Shares, and Cryptocurrencies.

How can I contact Limitless Funding customer service?

Limitless Funding customer service can be contacted through their website’s contact form, email, or direct phone line.

What are the upcoming features of Limitless Funding V2.0?

Upcoming features of Limitless Funding V2.0 include Copy Trading, Instant Funding, and a Stored Value Card for seamless payouts.

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