SurgeTrader Review

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SurgeTrader Review

Hey there, welcome to this in-depth SurgeTrader review! We’re lifting the lid on everything SurgeTrader offers—from their unique trading challenges to a wide selection of assets you can trade. So, whether you’re an old pro or new to the trading scene, let’s find out if SurgeTrader is the one for you.

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About SurgeTrader

First, the basics. SurgeTrader comes under the bigger umbrella of Surge Funding, LLC. They’ve positioned themselves as a go-to spot for traders. Just to give you an idea, they started in 2021 and have actual offices in both Florida and Delaware. The CEO, is Jana Seaman.

SurgeTrader offers a holistic approach to trading support. The firm collaborates with VALO Holdings to provide traders with not just capital but also leadership coaching and operational guidance, ensuring that traders have a well-rounded support system.

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Key Features:

What sets SurgeTrader apart are its user-friendly policies and features. They’re open to various trading styles—be it news trading or algorithmic strategies—allowing traders to stick to what they know best. The profit-sharing model is also quite attractive, offering up to a 90% split. Additionally, SurgeTrader grants traders the freedom to trade without minimum day restrictions and provides a broad spectrum of trading instruments.

It’s less restrictive than most, offering a high profit share, a multitude of trading instruments, and no enforced trading days. Essentially, it’s a haven for traders who value flexibility and variety in their trading strategies.

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What’s New in SurgeTrader

SurgeTrader has you covered with its latest offer—the NEW 2 Phase Audition. This fresh update offers traders even more flexibility and control over their trading experience. Let’s break down what this means for you.

Key Features:

This 2 Phase Audition is split into two steps: First is the Qualification Phase, and next is the Validation Phase. In the first part, you aim to make an 8% profit. The rules say you can’t lose more than 8% overall or 5% in a single day.

Passed the first part? Great! Now you move to the Validation Phase. Here, you aim for a 5% profit to show that the first round wasn’t just luck. The same rules apply—don’t lose more than 8% overall or 5% in a day. And guess what? There’s no time limit or need to make a certain number of trades.

Once you nail both phases, you have choices. You can grow your account or jump right into trading real money on SurgeTrader. They work with ThinkMarkets to make this happen. You start by keeping 80% of your profits, but you can boost this to 90% if you buy an add-on.

If you like trading Forex and metals, good news! You can now use higher leverage—up to 50:1. Best part? You don’t have to buy anything extra to use this.

Lastly, the “no rush, no fuss” policy is still in place. There are no time limitations or minimum trade requirements. You can even trade through the weekends if you’re that kind of weekend warrior.

Here is a video explaining how the 2 Phase Program works:

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Pros & Cons

Alright, let’s balance the scales and explore the pros and cons of SurgeTrader.


  • You don’t have to stick to a trading schedule, which means you can trade as much or as little as you like.
  • Got a favorite asset class? Chances are, SurgeTrader offers it. We’re talking stocks, commodities, currencies—you name it.
  • The single-stage “audition” process is less of a slog and more like a fun challenge. Plus, they throw in a paper trading account for practice.
  • You’ve got the green light on a wide range of trading strategies. SurgeTrader doesn’t put you in a box; you can explore news trading, algorithmic strategies, and much more.


  • Now, let’s talk about limitations. If you’re into futures or options, unfortunately, SurgeTrader doesn’t offer these.
  • The default profit share is at 75%, which might sound low considering they offer up to 90% with add-ons.
  • The no-refund policy could be a dealbreaker for some.
  • The daily loss and drawdown limits, while protective, could handcuff traders who operate with a more aggressive strategy.

There you have it—the good, the bad, and the things in between. SurgeTrader has plenty going for it but also a few elements that could be deal-breakers depending on your trading style.

It’s advisable to check out SurgeTrader Trustpilot reviews. It’s a valuable resource for insights and feedback from other users regarding their experiences with SurgeTrader.

surgetrader trustpilot review


So, you’re curious about what SurgeTrader brings to the table? SurgeTrader prides itself on offering standardized trading conditions for all account levels. Unlike some other proprietary trading firms that may have fluctuating rules depending on your account type, SurgeTrader keeps it consistent across the board.

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SurgeTrader Free Trial

Hold on, not quite ready to dive in headfirst? No worries, SurgeTrader’s has a free trial. Hop over to SurgeTrader’s Free Trial Dashboard, where you can give the platform a try. You’ll get a $100,000 practice account and get to choose between the MT4 or MT5 platforms. And SurgeTrader broker is ThinkMarkets.

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1-Phase Account Features

Alright, let’s get into the nuts and bolts. Opt for a 1-Phase account, and here’s what you get:

  • Your Profit Share: Standard is 75%, but with an add-on purchase, you can jack that up to a whopping 90%.
  • Profit Target: Aim to bag 10% profit.
  • Daily Loss Limit: Keep those losses under control at 5%.
  • Leverage: Starts at the basics and can go up to 20:1 via add-ons. Note that this is only for FX and metals.
  • Max Trailing Drawdown: Limited to 8%.
  • Hold & Trade Through The Weekend: Got plans for the weekend? No problem, your trades will wait.
  • No Time Limits: Trade at your pace, whenever you want.
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2-Phase Account Features

For those feeling a bit more adventurous, the 2-Phase account dials up the action:

  • Your Profit Share: Starts at 80% but could hit 90% with an add-on.
  • Profit Target: It’s a two-stepper; 8% in Phase 1 and 5% in Phase 2.
  • Daily Loss Limit: Same as 1-Phase, capped at 5%.
  • Leverage: Depending on what you’re trading, it varies—50:1 for FX & Metals, 10:1 for Oils and Indices, 5:1 for individual stocks, and 2:1 for cryptocurrencies.
  • Max Fixed Drawdown: You’ve got an 8% ceiling here too.
  • Hold & Trade Through The Weekend: Why not? The market never sleeps, and neither should your trades.
  • No Time Limits: Seriously, no rush. Trade on your time.

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Okay, let’s talk dollars and cents—or more specifically, how much it’s going to cost you to take the stage with SurgeTrader. Price matters, whether you’re a newbie or a trading virtuoso. So let’s break down what you’re going to shell out for each account type, in both the 1-Phase and 2-Phase offerings.

1-Phase Pricing

So, you’re leaning towards a simpler 1-Phase account? Cool. The price of entry varies depending on the size of the account you’re eyeing.

  • STARTER: For a $25,000 account, the audition fee is $250.
  • SEASONED: For a $100,000 account, the audition fee is $700.
  • EXPERT: For a $500,000 account, the audition fee is $3,500.
  • INTERMEDIATE: For a $50,000 account, the audition fee is $400.
  • ADVANCED: For a $250,000 account, the audition fee is $1,800.
  • MASTER: For a $1,000,000 account, the audition fee is $6,500.
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2-Phase Pricing

If you’re interested in a bit more structure with the 2-Phase account, here’s how the pricing stacks up:

  • STARTER: For a $25,000 account, the audition fee is $200.
  • SEASONED: For a $100,000 account, the audition fee is $500.
  • EXPERT: For a $500,000 account, the audition fee is $2,300.
  • INTERMEDIATE: For a $50,000 account, the audition fee is $300.
  • ADVANCED: For a $250,000 account, the audition fee is $1,200.
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Trading Rules

If you’re looking to dive into financial trading with SurgeTrader, understanding their trading rules is key. SurgeTrader keeps it straightforward to allow traders to focus on the essentials: identifying profitable opportunities and capitalizing on them.

One Easy-to-Follow Rule

SurgeTrader simplifies the trading environment with a straightforward rule: your primary focus should be on identifying profitable trades. It’s as simple as that.

Stop Loss

It’s mandatory to set a stop-loss for each trade you undertake. However, should you prefer otherwise, there’s an option to purchase a No Stop-Loss add-on during the Audition phase of your account setup.

1-Phase Account Rules

For those considering a 1-Phase account, there are some additional guidelines:

  • 8% Maximum Trailing Drawdown: Traders are limited to an 8% trailing drawdown, which becomes moot once you achieve an 8% profit. From then on, you can draw down to your original balance without violating any rules.
  • 5% Daily Loss Limit: Your losses for a single trading day should not exceed 5% of your account’s equity.
    Note: For instance, if your funded account is $100,000 and you make a profit, raising the account to $110,000, your new daily loss limit becomes $5,500.
  • Single Share Equities: Trading in Single Share Equity CFDs during an earnings release is prohibited. Positions must be closed by 3:50 pm Eastern Time on the release day or the preceding day.

2-Phase Account Rules

For those leaning toward a 2-Phase account, the rules are slightly different but equally important:

  • 8% Maximum Fixed Drawdown: The maximum drawdown is fixed at 8% for both Phase 1 and Phase 2. This offers you a bit more flexibility compared to the trailing drawdown in the 1-Phase account.
  • 5% Daily Loss Limit: Like the 1-Phase account, losses must be kept under 5% of the account equity for the day.
    Note: In the 2-Phase account, the drawdown remains fixed, not trailing. For example, with a $100,000 account, your drawdown stays at $92,000, regardless of any profits you may earn.
  • Single Share Equities: The same restrictions apply here as well; no trading Single Share Equity CFDs during an earnings release. Compliance is essential to avoid breach of account rules.

Hopefully, this breakdown clarifies the trading rules for both 1-Phase and 2-Phase accounts with SurgeTrader.

SurgeTrader Withdrawal

So, now you’re sitting on a nice pile of profits. You must be wondering, “How do I get my hands on that sweet cash?” Well, SurgeTrader makes it pretty easy to withdraw your profits.

First thing first: you can request a withdrawal anytime you like. But hang on, there’s a small catch. You can do this only once every 30 days. When you initiate that withdrawal, SurgeTrader also takes its cut of the profits. So, your new account balance—what they call your “highwater equity”—will shrink by the total amount taken out.

Key Features:

  • Up to 90% Profit: SurgeTrader lets you keep 90% of your profits. It’s like a 90-10 profit-sharing, which is pretty generous.
  • Ease of Use: With SurgeTrader, you don’t need to jump through hoops to get your profits. The platform is user-friendly, so a few clicks and you’re done.
  • Swift Processing: Once you hit that ‘withdraw’ button, your profits move quickly into your account.
  • Customer Support: If you’re stuck anywhere in the withdrawal process or just have some queries, their customer support is there to help you out.

With SurgeTrader, payout is pretty much a breeze. No long waiting periods, no complicated forms—just straightforward, quick payouts.

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SurgeTrader Challenge

Now that we’ve covered how to pocket your profits, let’s dig into something a bit more advanced—the SurgeTrader Challenge. If you’re someone who’s looking to prove your trading skills and gain access to a funded account, this challenge is where you can shine.

1-Phase Challenge

STEP 1: SurgeTrader Audition

The first part of the 1-Phase Challenge is the SurgeTrader Audition. Here, you pick a trading tier that suits you. What’s next? You start trading, but you’ve got to stick to certain risk management rules and hit some profit targets. The good news? You get to trade how you want, with no restrictions on financial instruments, no minimum trading days, and no 30-day trading requirement.

STEP 2: SurgeTrader Funded Account

If you pass the audition, the curtain rises on your SurgeTrader Funded Account. Essentially, you’ll be trading with the company’s money, applying your well-disciplined strategies. And if you’re consistent and responsible, you could earn real money and keep up to 90% of those profits.


  • Scale Up: You can start with $25,000 and go all the way up to $1 million.
  • Quick First Payment: The platform doesn’t make you wait for your first profit payment.
  • Flexibility: No minimum trading days to worry about here.
  • Profit Security: Interestingly, profits are paid even on accounts that breach risk guidelines.
  • No Waiting Period: Forget about a mandatory 30-day assessment period.

2-Phase Challenge

For those who love a two-step process, there’s the 2-Phase Challenge.

STEP 1: SurgeTrader Audition

In this phase, you’ll undergo a SurgeTrader Audition similar to the one in the 1-Phase Challenge. The same freedoms apply: trade as you wish, no minimum days, and no 30-day period.

STEP 2: SurgeTrader Validation

The second part adjusts your profit target downward but doesn’t add new time or trade restrictions. Maintaining good risk management is key here.

STEP 3: SurgeTrader Funded Account

Pass the Validation, and voila! You gain access to a funded account with the same terms as the 1-Phase Challenge. The profits? Yours to keep, up to 90%.


  • Scale: You can scale from $25,000 to $500,000.
  • Lower Prices: This challenge is cheaper compared to the 1-Phase Auditions.
  • No Day Minimums: You’re not tied down to a minimum number of trading days.
  • Safety Net: Even if you breach risk guidelines, profits are still paid.
  • No Assessment Period: There’s still no obligatory 30-day trading period.

SurgeTrader Scaling

This feature offers traders an opportunity to increase their account size—along with their buying power—dramatically.

How It Works:

The process starts with choosing between the 1-phase or 2-phase Audition. After you successfully complete the Audition, SurgeTrader gives you two options.

  • Option 1: You can claim your fully funded account and start raking in as much as 90% of your profits.
  • Option 2: If you’re the ambitious sort, you can scale up your account. How? By achieving an additional 10% of profit, which lets you trade with even more of the company’s money.

1-Phase Account Scaling

In the 1-phase scaling plan, you start off with a modest $25,000 account but have the chance to scale it all the way up to $1 million. After each successful Audition where you hit the 10% profit target, you can opt to scale to the next tier.

surgetrader scaling 1 phase account

2-Phase Account Scaling

The 2-phase scaling plan is a bit more conservative but still offers ample room for growth. Here, you can scale your accounts from $25,000 to as much as $500,000. Just like in the 1-phase plan, every time you nail the Audition’s profit target, you’ll have the opportunity to jump to a higher account level.

surgetrader scaling 2 phase account

SurgeTrader Tradable Assets

When it comes to diversity in tradable instruments, SurgeTrader really shines. You’re not limited to just one type of asset. Instead, you’ve got a broad spectrum at your fingertips. Let’s dive into what you can trade and where you can do it.

Tradable Instruments:

One word sums it up: Variety. SurgeTrader lays out an extensive buffet of trading options. You’ve got your FX, handpicked equities, and major stock market indices. Not to mention commodities like oil and metals. And if you’re tech-savvy, cryptocurrencies are also on the menu.

Platform Choices:

Stuck between MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5? No worries. Through their partnership with ThinkMarkets, SurgeTrader offers you the flexibility to choose either. That means you can stick to what you know or venture into new territories.

📥 Want to see the full list of assets? You can download the complete list of tradable assets across all platforms. Just click below:

Tradable Assets on All Platforms

Key Assets Include:

  • FX: Forex trading offers a highly liquid market with plenty of volatility.
  • Oil: Given the world’s dependency on black gold, oil remains a hot asset for day traders.
  • Metals: Think gold and silver—assets that have stood the test of time.
  • Stock Indices: Want to bet on an entire market rather than a single stock? Stock indices like the S&P 500 or the Dow are your go-to.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Risky but rewarding if you know what you’re doing.
  • Popular Stocks: If you fancy trading company shares, a select list of popular stocks is available.
surgetrader tradable instruments on thinkmarkets

Certainly! Here’s a concise and SEO-friendly content piece for the heading “Is SurgeTrader Legit”:

Is SurgeTrader Legit?

In the world of proprietary trading, SurgeTrader stands out as a reputable and reliable option. Founded in May 2021, SurgeTrader, based in the U.S., is a part of the Valo Holdings Group family and is backed by seasoned forex trading veterans.

So, is SurgeTrader legit? Absolutely. With a focus on accelerating trader funding and offering substantial market access, SurgeTrader is a credible choice for serious traders looking to elevate their trading journey.


So, what’s SurgeTrader got for you? Well, a lot! Whether you’ve been trading for years or are just starting, this platform has something for everyone. It offers a lot of different things to trade, and you get to choose how you want to do it through the SurgeTrader broker, ThinkMarkets. This means you’re not stuck doing things one way—you have options.

You can also grow step-by-step with SurgeTrader. They have special challenges called “Auditions,” which help you prove you’re good at this. If you pass, you can get a funded account to trade real money.

All in all, SurgeTrader is an award-winning prop firm that offers a robust, flexible trading environment that could be your next stepping stone in the financial markets.

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1. How Do I Access the SurgeTrader Dashboard?

The SurgeTrader Dashboard is your central hub for managing trades, viewing asset offerings, and tracking your performance. Simply log in to your account to access it.

2. Are There Any SurgeTrader Coupon Codes Available?

For the latest SurgeTrader coupon codes, it’s best to check the promotions section on the SurgeTrader Dashboard or subscribe to their newsletter for updates.

3. Is There a SurgeTrader Free Trial?

Yes, SurgeTrader offers a free trial for new users to test out the platform. You can activate the trial from the SurgeTrader Dashboard.

4. What is the SurgeTrader Audition?

The SurgeTrader Audition is a two-phase program consisting of the Qualification and Validation phases, designed to assess your trading skills before providing you with a funded account.

5. Does SurgeTrader Hold Any Competitions?

SurgeTrader periodically hosts trading competitions with lucrative prizes. Details about upcoming SurgeTrader competitions can be found on their Dashboard.

6. How Does the SurgeTrader Payout Work?

SurgeTrader has a profit-sharing model where traders can earn up to 90% of the profits they generate. Payouts are processed through the SurgeTrader Dashboard.

7. What is the SurgeTrader Withdrawal Process?

To initiate a withdrawal, go to the SurgeTrader Dashboard and follow the on-screen instructions. Withdrawals are generally processed within a few business days.

8. Can You Explain the SurgeTrader Challenge?

The SurgeTrader Challenge is part of the audition process where traders are required to meet specific profit targets and adhere to risk management rules to qualify for a funded account.

9. Which Broker Does SurgeTrader Use?

SurgeTrader partners with ThinkMarkets to offer a range of trading platforms and asset options to its traders.

10. Who Owns SurgeTrader?

SurgeTrader is a subsidiary of Surge Funding, LLC and is led by CEO Jana Seaman. They have a physical presence in both Florida and Delaware.

11. Can You Trade Options on SurgeTrader?

Currently, SurgeTrader focuses on assets like FX, oil, metals, stock indices, and cryptocurrencies. They do not offer options trading at this time.

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